Nigga thought I told ya, (Told ya)/ That the war ain't over (Over)/ You can roll (You can roll) you can get rolled over/ My nigga we the frontline warriors

Whoever wanna bring the noise, talkin bout me and my boys/ Disrespected on a regular like a nigga got caught/ Well it's all about his Mo Thug music/ Put my name in your mouth and a nigga gon' do you/ Who the fuck them niggas tryin to play?/ Lay don't stop until you meet my glock/ I'ma get you make your bady rott, nigga make the party pop/ Nigga why not? Time's tickin on the clock aint the heat hot/ I'ma hit the weed spot joy ride with my niigas till the beat drop We got big benjamins spendin CEO's/ While you playin we buyin y'all rentin pin me/ Probably livin in a tent pocket full of lint/ Tryin to flip it like I flip it nigga got me bent/ And like I said it on the last song nigga we joyriders, and y'all aint Bone/ B.B.O.B. the bad boy of the Bone/ I'll be thuggin for eternal wanna test me its on/ Now where my niggas at? Get the gat peel a nigga wig back/ Nigga dig that dig that/ All original clevelands own criminal here we go/ From a place where a nigga might bury ya/ Nigga act up and I better take care of you scared of ya/ I be ready for the war/ Nigga I'm americas most, bailin coast to coast/ Steady thuggin out here in these streets/ Lookin out for the rollers duckin these haters they wanna face/ Well I keep my heat/ And it ain't no peace and fuck tha police/ Come out the house all eye's on me/ Jump in my 5 double 0 B-E-N-Z XL and I hit the freeway

Slangin' and bangin' with the glock on Sunday/ Never know I might bust on you one day ohhh/ Swiggin with jack and the bombay oh bye bye go po po/ Yeah nigga fuck you o hell yeah fuck you too/ Better than God devise realize you can end up bigger/ But my niggas in the middle ballin we wont stop/ The foul sinnin the killin now/ And then nobody gets in the middle together/ And they tell the nigga it good to be back/ From prison but don't nobody feel him but them niggas around the globe/ And the mission was money was gold/ Everyone nutty when money because he was out of the gutter/ When nothin but avid souls better make us and touch/ No one will touch me one wait till they ruff enough/ Got him at last but I just corrupt/ I dont even erupt/ Creep on ah come up, what up / Trapped in a rapture the trumpets pumpin tellin us somethin/ Snatch you we havin a blast you tatterd like cattle/ And medalion diamonds in the ghetto/ Ghetto was bastards runnin much faster than the average asses in the shadows/ Out of the battlefield

Militant Mafia, not runnin' like Saddam Hussien/ Manipulate, what will they do next?/ No tellin' unexpected bumrush/ Convicted felon, got paroled a week ago/ And just don't stop beatin on niggas everyday/ Another dollar multiplied/ Divide and conquer, ride or get rolled over, drive by/ Gambino hittin' switches in the 6-4/ Blastin' out the passenger window/ Your one and only Capo, gon off n right now I'm so high/ Kick back , relax, and strategize

Call me a secret weapon/ I think the war is on/ And when they ask em who is he/ It's 7th Sign and Bone (It's 7th Sign and Bone)/ Call me a secret weapon (Call me a secret weapon)/ When the war is on (When the war is on)/ And when they ask em who is he (Hahaha)/ It's Big B and Bone (Big B and Bone)/ Frontline soldiers

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