Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, I know you niggaz been waitin' for this (Backwards)

[Little Boy]
There Back!

[Layzie Bone]
Hey ladies!
Ladies and gentlemen, you are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge

Why y'all hate me mug somebody
While you sippin' on Bacardi
[Playa hater thats what you do) (You a hater)
Oh my god I'm just so polish
Why these bitches wanna holla
[I'm just so coo thats just how I do) (I'm a playa)

[Verse 1: Wish Bone]
Hop up in this H2
Let me show you how I do
Big blunts big dranks get has high as you want to
So fresh so clean never wear my drawls twice
Lil' kids grown men wanna live my life
When I pass by niggaz gonna see me (see me)
When I harmonize and ladies love me
Never brag on things that ain't right
I ain't homeless dog that ain't my life
And if it ain't bout no money I don't wanna be bothered
If it ain't about no pussy bitch then poppin' my collars
Cause I can keep you on it
Only if you want it
Thats how playas do (Ooh)
I ain't gotta be in church to see Wish gleam
I'm a thugsta but I still got the playa in me (in me)


[Verse 2: Layzie Bone]
See I'm the realest of the real I'm too good to be true
I'ma shine all the time nigga thats what I do
Hut one hut two go long for the pass
L-burn, my turn so strong on that ass
Sippin' make 'em blast
And the haters gonna hate
And I ain't gettin' up from the table till I finish my plate
I'm gettin' dressed at eight the party start at ten
You know the drama unfold when Lay walk in
I got Timbs on my feet fat farm on my back
Ten stacks in my pocket whats the harm in that? (Nothin')
Look at these pussy niggaz pushin' my buttons
Seein' a nigga doin' good and they hatin' the stuntin' (Hey!)
Make 'em feel it go hard at the bar
Macin' on these chickens like a super star
I go hard in the pain and I wish a nigga would
See the money on the wood make the bank go good nigga


[Verse 3: Krayzie Bone]
You see me steep P.O.Ded instant-mediately in the Fleetwood caddy
Wanna pull up on the scene and screamin', ''that's the grand daddy''
Yo nigga wit a (???) keep a cold-o-flow doe
Chiefin' on my blunt by the car where we be blow dro yo
Dippin' throw the crowd niggaz hatin' on me
Cause they party women be waitin' on me
I don't want your broad nigga
I'm here to kick it to get lifted fuck y'all niggaz
I'm a raw nigga
You might wanna see me with a lot of security guards
I keep my security right in side of my drawls
It's been a lot of playa hatin' on Bone
But imma go get my chrome but bet they won't no mo (No mo!)
Yo know the coldest flow thats right
And representin' the Mid-West side
Still in it
To be winnin' it
Get rid of us they'll never do
Haters if you wanna, but we'll be two steps in front of you


I'm a playa

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