Layzie,Wish(Krayzie singing in backround):
the power a gun can kill and the power of fire can burn
the power of wind can chill and the power of mind can learn
the power of anger can rage inside you until it tears you apart
but the power of a smile especielly yours can heal a frozen heart
Rest In peace, to Tupac. Bone Thugs ace on words,lets go.


(and Tommorrow)

I see the light,
I can see the light,
I see the light
I see the light that shines

Still lookin for better days
So wait for tomorrow to bring us bigger and better thangs
so we can escape this maze
and a couple of things has changed in everyway
And mabey tomorrow, can bring us the truth
and bring it to more use, for the pain and sorrow
and then to better use and mabey then the youth
can come and follow
And think of all the problems in a bottle
Tomorrow, mabey i don't have to wipe my eyes
and we'll never have to cry no mo
or even better have to die no mo
politcians can't tell us lies no mo
look at these eyes no mo
Mabey tomorrow,
it could be are daylight,
this might be are sunshine
Yesterday was filled with so much missery and drama
and today it doesn't seem like u'm gettin any further
Prayin tomorrow we can some
how come out of the struggle
when (?) worse be stumblin cause where all in one soul
Still lookin for a better day, and a better way
So lets hope tomorrow can lead us to that place
we're tryina be,
and live in harmony, and live in harmony

Chorus x2

Where there's will there's way
Don't let it stand in your way
Look em straight in they face
Let em know you playin no games
We're searching for better days
will and them better ways
and then where the honest succeed
look at me, If I can do it
You can do it,he can do it
Just belive, belive,belive
When lay down I think about
some of the wrong things i've done
So pray now so u kno where some of that come from
so my soul clean to be wanted
When he calles me, When he calles me
so i cant sleep,cause I worry,
I have done thangs, lord forgive me
Its a real shame that he can do it
to get our way
street young thugs,just to get your way
You need to act right,in the past we used to fight
Where the loyalty at
where them real street thugs
Where's the thug life
where's a will there's a way

Chorus 2x

So fast that i was past by
In The Event of my Demise
tell mama not to cry, these words that are wise
and then i need glasses now the promise has been broken
for better keep on hopin pow for the words been spoken
What i'm quoting, Is a G knowledge from the streets
Makevelli Tupac Shakur, was the rose that grew from concrete
Americas most complete artis regardless
one of the hardest, on a mission to make it better
Finn a soul that would harden
Today got it callin
and my rising star is fallin
but now before it was fallin
Out of control, quick to let a nigga know
what he stood foe being friend foe
And imma bring the truth cause ain't no body gonna help me
This life is a gamble and imma scramble til' my pock is wealthy
Fuck what they tell me
I'm all about my bizz
bizz,streetbizz and showbizz
Imma make ya'll know this
And imma say this to every man, women and child
don't you ever be afraid to smile, smile for me now
and imma say this to every man, women and child
don't you ever be afraid to smile, the power of a smile

Bone bone bone bone bone,bone bone bone bone,bone bone bone bone
Bone bone bone bone bone,bone bone bone bone,bone bone bone bone


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