[Chorus: x2]
You n me
We use to be
Everyday together always

It was always me n my dawgs
My homies n my family
And I still remember the days when I was raising toward an insanity
For the 1st time
One of my nigas was gone
I seen Looney leaning on the street
She told me Big Wally was gone
And I'm like
Hold on, Hold on
This really can't be happening
He 18 yrs. old n the reeper coming after him
My heart hurt (My heart hurt)
I was 17
Now what's the matter
But losing homies early
Started just n quick
Knowing things they can really change
Got into tha rap game with my brother n my brother man
Couple of my niggas came
Music really got to hitting
Everything was going well
Why they take my brother to prison

[Chorus x2]

YEAH! I remember you nigga!
But what?!
You don't remember me?!
The niggas that walked the streets in zero below degrees on the creep
We didn't have a place to sleep
Or couldn't find a thing to eat
So nigga you gotta remember me
Cuz you was with me
Nigga we use to sell the fiens dummies
And take they money
So we could buy some weed and put some food up in our stomach
I was with you in the cold snow
But nigga you act like we some niggas from off the street you ain't never seen before
The ego got you that proud, bro?
You think that you can just leave the group and go solo and try to blow up without us?
Shame, Shame, Shame
You want all the fame!
Nigga go on and take it!
Better remember your mistake was
Tryna shake us! (Tryna shake us!)

[Chorus x2]

Man! We use to sleep on my mommas floor
You fight
I fight
Remember that thug go
You broke now no love at all
Then you lied to me
Can't beleive I see that fake in front of me
Man, what's the problem?
I ain't lose no sleep
Go back to zero
Now that I think about it
I think I'm good
It's only so much I can take
And I think I took all I could
But I wish you the best!
It's time to let it go
Now hard feelings
Hope you chillin'
Hope you're ?? with me
Gotta move on
This shit's too strong
It's gotta live on and on!
Still the harmony strong
With or without you we gotta roll!

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