No skills to pay the bills,
Even after I swallow my pills.
I sold my bags, my jewels, and my soul;
I'm not the prisoner chained to the past.
My full heart is ready to explode!

You float like dust in the outer reaches of the cosmos.
Do you want to give me release?
I'll never let you rest in peace!
You keep wearing a paper crown;
The silver trail of smoke from your town.
I gaze the skies, rolling my eyes:
This town rotting from the inside out.

Oh, another hand who understands.
Soon I'm done!
All the king's men cannot put it back together.
I saw the shadow from the future
Iron birds with fluids
In fact, impact's closing in
I'm gonna cut you up and tear your small world apart.
One day, you'll be walking on shaky ground.
Whatever anyone says, I'll make it.
The lies you told will cover the world in imagination.

Dream on; you've got the virgin. Dream on.
Dream on; you've got the virgin. Dream on.
You've got the virgin. Dream on. Dream on

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