I'm waiting now for hours
The seconds have not flown
You promised me, this night you would stay home
I'm waiting for the doorhum
I'm waiting at the phone
Why do you leave me all alone?
My thoughts run round in circles
I cannot fall asleep
A nameless fear starts moving in the deep
Imagination growing
What could have happen to
All my senses whirling through and trough...

Oh my baby lost it´s way

Maybe you lost your money
And cannot pay the car
Maybe you have a good time in a bar
Why don´t you ring me up
And tell me where you are
I'll hurry - no place would be too far
This helpless situation
Dyes the night in blue
I have to wait - there´s nothing i can do
I hope your guardian angel
Keep watching from above
And shows you the way back to your love

Oh my baby lost it´s way
'till fade

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