I'll rub your back
Wash your hair
I'll do anything
I don't care
I'll cook your food
Buy your clothes
To the limit
I will go
I will go

I guess you wonder
Where I've been
I've been thinking 'bout
The perfect way
To express my thoughts within
You mean everything to me
And I wanna be the only man
To supply your needs


I await your precious kiss
Gets my head when they spread sweet and wet across my lips
I respond to every single touch
Got me open on your love
Wanna give you so much


Bridge: (Mike Speaks it)
The things I do for you
Take you out for a night on the town
And after I'll run you some bath water
With some bubbles
Do you like bubbles?
I'll dry you off
And lotion your body down
You'd like that wouldn't you
I'll do anything you want me to
You know I don't care

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