dear diary
listen to me
how can i please without smoke rings
and striptease?
one makes fun
two social for social forum

meg: "i'd still like you if you weren't so drunk
i'd still talk to you
but when you hold that bottle close to your heart
silence wants me more than you do"
ash: "i'd still like you if you weren't so dumb
i hope the reverse is true
and do you want to be a part of apart
i hope i do i hope you do too"
you will lose

i need you
blue tests true
green stays clean
red leaves
on a lucky streak
that just last week
i don't believe that

i need you
when fists fly through
quiet are the cruel
we talked so smooth
as we sat and drew
and we looked so cool
like the kids we
hated in high school

who will lose?

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