Survive, thats my advice
All the to save your life
Your lies, now were talking
One bottle bottle rocket swimming
But.. bright somehow, somewhere
This is the line!

Lets imagine it tonight!
Let this dream.just why
And well see just why
Come and underline
Your song is a bullet!
Doing our candles popping
The needle dropping

Somehow, somewhere
So this is the life
I only wanna hear your voice tonight
I wanna sink into the ... and the sheets inside.
Like uh, uh, uh!

These are those men I buy
Lets lock the gates behind them
Just doing best, the best, the best of us

Somehow, somewhere
This is the life!
I only want a little piece of quiet!
And maybe, maybe this is the life
I know, dont bruise your eyes
I know, dont go over it and over it!
I know, dont go over it and over it!

Climb higher, lit a fire, yeah!
Bring fire all inside us
Climb higher!

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