Wouldn´t mind a second try
And i´m not opposed to losing clothes
But i can´s afford another friend to like, like
Let´s brave it till the bitter end
Let´s up and show our stuff again.

But there´s part of me that wants to leave
And there´s another one that needs some things
And there´s also some dumb pipe dreams
I want a do over do over dover.

We can find an easy lie
And we can fight most every night
Then i´ll probaly hide inside untill you´re
Someone else´s satellite
Someone else´s tonight.

But i think i can land a better plan
And i could have been a kinder man
And what about the broken hand
I want a do over do over do over.

Now is the part where i break your heart
This is the part where we break some hearts
So do you have another one in you
Like i do?

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