My Lord, what shall I give him today?
He wants my heart, more than he asks for my wage,
One day I’ll die, but it won’t be my last day,
When I look in his eyes, I’ll know that I did okay
My Lord, what shall I sing him for now?
A song full of praise
From a mouth full of doubt
I lift up my face and I sing out loud
With all my mistakes, I still make him proud

He paid it all for me
Carried that cross for you
On that rugged walk he knew what he had to do
Opened his arms up wide
Invited the world inside
One final breath
He conquered death for me and for you

My Lord, where would he want me to go?
Just across town or a place where I don’t know a soul?
Just tell me where and I’ll hit the road
With no time to spare
And no heavy load.

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