We're leaving you a message on your telephone
Everybody's wondering what you're doing home
Yeah, we're starting and you're missing the party
Can you hear it playing your favorite song
Everybody's singing but something's wrong
'Cause you're missing, 'cause you're missing
Hey, hey, are you listening, hey, hey, are you listening

It's no good to be alone
It's no good to be out there on your own
It's no good for you anymore than it is for me
It's no good, no good for you to be alone
Alone, alone, alone, no good to be alone

It's been a little while, you've been outta the scene
Spending all your time chasing down a dream
Takes a lifetime, takes a lifetime
It's a short life, it's a short life
You know it doesn't matter how high you climb
If no one's there to share the ride when you get there
Who's gonna be there

Nobody's suppose to be an island
Stuck out in the middle of the ocean on your own
I'm not giving up until I find you
Give me an S.O.S., I'll bring you home
It's no good for you to be alone

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