I am the eyes on the horizon
I see beyond the deepest sea
A dreamer above mountains
I'll go down with history

Close to the devil's den a child was born
He saw the ways of men and how the world was torn
He had to get out of the storm

He loved to dream so he learned to fly
And grew his wings to flee the cry
He knew he could not save the world
Whenever sworm he kept his word

Cold seeking wave from hell froze my day
There's too many evil games and i was forced to play
Had to get away...

I loved to dream and i learned to fly
I grew my wings to touch the sky
I lost my cross and it made me burn
If god was here he must return

We never look the warning
Always pushing it in a great pretend
I breathe the poson air
I worry about the ozone layer
There must be a price to pay, a judgement day
Oh, but the battle's on, it's a killing war zone

I am the eyes of the horizon
I sail the seventh sea
Watching stars on a wide sky
I'll glide through history

Oh, shine like a friendly sun and warm my day
There's so many stone cold faces, their souls have faded
Running round guilt shaded

Live the dream and you will fly
Grow your wings and reach the sky
Protect your cross don't let it burn
If god can heal he will return
Don't let it burn...

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