This was my dream as long as i know you no doubts at all, these times were over

This is my end, this sight was like a nightmare

I had the pictures in my head drawn by faith and trust, shaped by my conviction is this my blame
Can it be so simple
I never realized it

I see my visions melting down
Can not keep it in my hands
This is like a fuckin' dream

The drips of my future pulling me down
Encircled by reality, i'm diving in my past
This sight was a nightmare
This sight tattered my heart into rags

Open windows howling at me
I see my fears become reality
My lungs are filled by pain and sorrow
By tears and broken fuckin' aims
I hope one day we will see us again
Some day

Is this the end

And i ask myself
Would you look at me
Would you remember my face
Just look me in the eyes, one last time
Everthing faded to an ugly grey
I never expected an end like this.

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