It is the darkest night, stars invisible
The only thing I can feel is your cold fear, your shivering hands, controlling gaze
Fearing the end, awaiting the consequences

As long as you are walking this path
In fact, you don't have to fear the fog my friends
And I see, you already know the other side, you know the way out
But the cruel end is etched in your thoughts

Your fantasy, only able to envision the worst
You dream of a hero, helping hand, brave guardian, oh
When you wake up you wish to wake up again
Leaving this place is what you secretly hope for, eya
But in reality you can't run away, in the end the past will catch you all up

It's not the case that you weren't responsible
Take a look at this world, drab and reeking
Look at the dull seas, almost dead inside, look at the toxic sky
We and the sun, no longer friends

Now there's no more excuses for walking this path
No more chances for the fucking blind
All this is making you sad, all this is making you scared

You can't deny
The hero is close, he can save you

He's close to you, so close to you
Reach out your hand, open your eyes
What made you not change your mind for so long?
That's right, the hero is you

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