I Could Never Love You Enough

I've heard so many times you got to take love slow
That's just something said by unsure people who don?t know
What it's like to fall when you fall with all your heart
Wantin' to be together every second you?re apart
Must not know what it feels like to feel like this
Longin' for each moment, waitin' for each kiss?

I could never love you enough
I could never hold you to tight
Never give too much of my heart
Never spend to many nights
With my arms just wrapped around you
With a million stars above
Baby I still can't believe I found you
I could never love you, never love you enough

Seems like the time we're given always goes to fast
The more I know it with you girl the future is the past
Seconds turn to hours the hours turn to days
Seems like you're always leavin' when I'm wantin? you to stay
Cause I could spend the rest of my life with you mine
But still it'll only be like a few seconds in time?
(repeat chorus 2 X?s)


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