Something about her
I can't explain what it is
But she's highly addictive
And you can't get enough of it
She she she she She's the type to break your heart in pieces
Soaked pillows, dark rooms, and psychiatric treatment
She'll have you fooled right from the start but then she'll break your heart

She's a kleptomaniac
She'd steal your heart away if you let her
She's a kleptomaniac
She'd take it right out of your chest
I swear this girl is the best
Yes, You better check her pockets
You better check her purse
Before someone gets hurt
She's a kleptomaniac
She'd steal your heart away

She's a heart breaker
A thief in the night
She pro
She does this all of the time
Don't believe her
B/c it's all just a lie
Or you can kiss your heart goodbye
You'll be going crazy
Curled up like a baby
Going out of your mind
Yea she's fine
But you'll be fooled from the start
Cause they just steal your heart


Don't believe her
She'll lie to your face
If you see her
Get up get away
Cause she's a heart breaker, heart breaker yeaaa
And she'll take your heart away


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