Here you are on the back of my mind again
Don't guess it's gonna get any better
Is your memory ever gonna end
Or does it go on forever

I was the one when you left town
Said i'd get along somehow
Didn't take long to find out
That i was wrong

Look at me now
Nothing but a whole lot of time on my hands
Look at me now
Thought i wouldn't need you, now i understand
You said i was never gonna learn
Look at ne now

I was so busy looking out for myself
I know i must have took you for granted
Didn't want to make room for someone else
Didn't know love when i had it
You were the one who set me free
But you can lay the blame on me
Come my way and you'll see
I have changed


Calling your name in the quiet of the night
Seeing your face every time i close my eyes
It's always the same, i keep hoping that you might

Look at ne now
Standing here holding my heart in my hands
Look at me now
Wishing i'd told you we could still start again
What i'd give if you turned
And looked at me now

Here you are on the back of my mind again

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