You didn`t notice me right beside you
I said you looked like someone that I knew
A little lie to get you to talk to me a while

Your eyes (oh how) they melt me
Your smile, girl heaven help me
Your lips kiss and tell me a thing or two
Oh, the happy ending this could be
Swept away in love and all it`s glory
One minute hearts are lonely
The next each other`s only

Then darlin`, I just know we`d fall that fast
So, don`t you ever think it can`t
Love happens just like that

I could try and act like I don`t care
But bein` shy that gets me nowhere
Though I admit, I`m a little bit scared to talk to you
A risk, yeah maybe
But that`s one worth taking

'Cause I see a love in the making here with you
Lightning striking, flames igniting
In an instant, souls igniting

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