You got the power, you got the mind
You got the skills, Baby, I ain`t lyin`
They way you walk, the way you flirt
Your baby talk could get a grown man hurt
I might be wastin` my time
But I know I`m losing my mind

Shari Ann
You don`t have to try to make me blue
"Cause you know you can, it comes so natural to you
Shari Ann you don`t have to play so hard to get
I`m just a man, but honey I`m the match you never met

Do you understand what I`m goin` through
I`m in love with you
I`ll be your rock, I`ll be your rock `n` roll
I`ll be the serenade for your soul
You`re non-stop strong, comin` on
You can carry me
Shari Ann

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