Buju B and Red Rat love dem bad
Without gal pickney
What kind of fun we woulda have

RR: When we see dem we glad
Miles upon miles whey mi ready to trod, can't tired

BB: I don't know what them have
Like magnet to steel
So dem have man a drag

RR: That's why a nuff we have, me friend
So much gal ina fi we catalog
(end chorus)

Oh yes I see
Girls aroun me
In abundance
What we a go do
Ugly and Pretty
What an audacity
One fi red rat and one fi buju
Every where I swear
Man a draw down
All who beg nah get none
From quarter mile I see dem a run come
All girls know its time fi have fun

Me no matter the amount,
Give them space, No man alone
Pure woman face, love up all princess
Goodness grace

Well every woman want a man
Who possess taste
See the gal dem a slide down the line and a wine me
Oh yes indeed it remind me
Of the role all females play
Its a force to observe
Whether night or day

Modelling watch steam out face fay
Manicure that must be done every day
Palaving spree, want to go everywhere
She no nuff, a just so the princess stay
Nuh make clothes dry rotten ina house
Socializing is what it's all about
No care who a chat and run up dem mouth
Girl friend dem can't get you out

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