Hol' unno corner an save unno life
Yu si dat likkle ol' man how im machine ya com like eyes.

Mr 9 seh to Mr45,
M-16 an Magnum nah live too right.
German Luger too hype, AK mek nuff yout'lose them life[repeat]

Verse 1:
AR-15 control a whole housing scheme.
The one Mack-11 runway gone a Papine
38 a carry vibes choo Glock deh pon a rise
380 Matic stickup an a mek a bag a noise
M-1 seh him no put up wid the foolishness
HK-Bomber rule a entire district
Walter PPK, who boasy like this
Nuh Mack-22, cause anywhere dat fit
303. still a talk bout kennedy's skit,
While Chopper, cut ina 2 an split justice
Pump rifle still a bodyguard di man whe drive di Brinks
SLR a definately soldierman things
Mack-11,di Uzi an all di M-3
All a dem deh belong to di Israeli
Come now Jamaica,now let us live free
an follow Buju Banton,hear whe dem seh


Go deh Mr.45

Verse 2:
Smith an Wesson a dat dem gi to John Wayne
Tommy was a bad boy in his days
When Gatlin talk few witness remain
Him an SMG, di two a dem adi same
5.56MM shells,with Special an Remingtons,ringing bells
Cannon heavy fi carry, so dem push it pon trolley
Taurus is a Bull whe kick yu dung an no seh sorry
Pedalpusher start the riot,security keep im quiet
From 1-PoP deh ya,me know shot ago fire
An ah bawl.


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