consider, how she make it to the end of the day
working so hard just to get paid
as a single parent life ain´t easy
playing the role of mom and dad

woman I thank you, thank oh mama mama
I never know no father yet you provide my dinner
and I love you oh mama
when you cry I cry too
why do you look so dull and forsaken
I know he is gone and your heart is broken
but we are still together
mama never leave us alone at home no

won´t turn my back, and you can count on that
if I should go I shall be coming right back
that motherly love gently tucking me in the sack
bedtime kisses and hugs I feel as if I´m taking back
how sweet you are let me number the ways
I asked the father guide you for the rest of your days

anyhowit gone bad already cant stop him now
we´ve got to survive some way some how
nuh fret and mawga down better must come
from the lord ordain thy will must be done
nuh expose yuh linen dirt ever deh pon di ground
nuh make di world know bout yu
yu character pipe will bung
go on Buju the Banton with words of wisdom
woman hold your head up not down

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