While I'm living
Thanks I'll be giving
To the most high, you know

I am living while I'm living to the father I will pray
Only he knows how we get through every day
With all the hike in the price arm and leg we have to pay
While our leaders play
All I see is people ripping and robbing and grabbing...
Thief never love to see a thief with a long bag,
No love for the people who are suffering real bad
Another toll to the poll may God help my soul
What is to stop the youths from getting out of control
Filled up with educations yet don't own a payroll
The clothes on my back has countless eye holes

Could go on and on the full has never been told

I say who can afford to run will run
But what about those who can't... they will have to stay
Opportunity is scarce commodity
In these times I say... when mama spend her last to sent you to class...
Never you ever play
It's a competitive world for the low budget people
Spending a dime while earning a nickel
With no regards to who may tickle
My cup is full to the brim

Could go on and on the full has never been told

Through this life keep getting me down
Don't give up now
Got survive someway some how

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