In the room wet with tears  the sound of a knock soundedeven though i couldn't meet anyone with how my face was what do you want  who is it?"its not that great of a name, but someone has called me "laugh maker"
I've brought you a smile  its cold so let me in"laugh maker?  this isn't a joke!  i don't remember calling someone like thatdon't mind me and disappear  if you're there i can't cryrulala rula  rulala rulain the severely flooded room  the sound of a knock flew inthat guy is still here?  didn't i say for you to disappear?"you're the first person to tell me that in my life
I'm really sad now  what should i do?  i think i'm going to cry"laugh maker?  this isn't a joke!  it can't be helped if you cryi'm the one who wants to cry  i don't remember calling someone like yourulala rula  rulala rulathe voices of two people crying  faraway.....with our backs against each other with the door between us  crying voices mixed with hiccupshugging our knees with our backs against each other  completely tired out crying voicesdo you still intend to make me laugh? laugh maker
"its the only thing i live for  if i don't make you laugh i can't go home"i thought maybe i can let you in but,
The problem is the don't won't open  its the pressure of the collected tearspush the door from your side  its already unlockedsay un or sun or something like that
Whats wrong? hey, it can't be
Laugh maker?  this isn't a joke! now you leave me behind by myselfyou disappeared without minding me  you betrayed me in the instant that i believed in youlaugh maker?  this isn't a joke! the sound of the window breaking on the other sideholding a iron pipe and with a crying face "i brought you a smile"
Rulala rula  rulala rulayou brought out a small mirror  faced it to me and said this"your crying face can smile"
Amazingly indeed i smiled