Mister Frog went a-courtin, he did ride,
Mister Frog went a-courtin, he did ride,
Mister Frog went a-courtin, he did ride,
A sword and buckler by his side,

He bridled and saddled a big fat snail,
He bridled and saddled a big fat snail,
He bridled and saddled a big fat snail,
And rode it 'tween the horns and tail,

He rode up to Miss Mousie's door,
Where he had often been before.
He called "Miss Mouse, are you within?"
"Yes sir, I'm sitting down to spin."

He took Miss Mouse upon his knee
And asked "My Dear, will you marry me?"
"I'll have to ask my Uncle Rat,
To see what he will say to that."

"Without my Uncle Rat's consent
I wouldn't marry the President."
Frog jumped on his snail and rode away.
He vowed to come another day.

Now Uncle Rat, when he came home
Asked "Who's been here since I was gone?"
"A very fine frog's been calling here
And asked for me to be his dear."

Uncle Rat, he laughed and shook his sides
To think his niece would be a bride.
So Uncle Rat rode into town
To buy Miss Mouse a wedding gown.

Say, where will the wedding supper be?
Just down by the river in a hollow tree.
Say, what will the wedding supper be?
One green bean and a black-eyed pea.

What else will the wedding supper be?
A fried mosquito and a roasted flea.
Pray tell us how Miss Mousie dressed?
In a cobweb veil and her Sunday best.

And what did Mister Froggie wear?
Sky-blue pants and a doublet fair.
First guest to call was the Bumble Bee,
And he played them a fiddle tune upon his knee.

The next to come were the Duck and Drake,
Who ate every crumb of the wedding cake.
"Come Miss Mouse, may we have some beer,
That your uncle and I may have some cheer?"

"Pray, Mister Frog, will ye sing a song
That's bright and cheery and shan't last long?"
"Indeed, Miss Mouse," replied the Frog,
"A cold has made me as hoarse as a hog."

"Since a cold in the head has laid you up,
I'll sing you a song that I just made up."
The all sat down and started to chat,
When in came the kittens and the cat.

The bride, in fright, runs up the wall,
Turns her ankle and down she falls.
They all went sailing 'cross the lake
And all got swallowed by a big black snake.

And the ones who escaped were one, two, three,
The Frog, the Rat and Miss Mousie.
The Mouse and Frog went off to France,
And that's the end of their romance.

There's bread and jam upon the shelf,
If you want some, just help yourself.
First to come in were two little ants,
Fixing around to have a dance.

Next to come in was a fat sassy lad,
Thinking himself as big as his dad.
Thinks himself a man indeed
Because he chews the tobacco weed.

And next to come in was a big tomcat,
He swallowed the Frog, and the Mouse and the Rat.
Next to come in was a big old snake,
He chased the party into the lake.
So that's the end of one, two, three,
The Rat, the Frog, and Miss Mousie.

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