Before a man marries, one thing he should get straight:
Who is the captain who is the first mate,
Who mops standing up or who scrubs on his knees
A man's entitled to decisions like these

I'm the boss (There's no doubt of it)
I'm the boss (And he's proud of it)
I make the decisions and mine is the final one
Don't tell me how the dishes should be done

My woman and I we live in tranquillity
Don't ask how to spell it; I'm not nobility
I say men are smarter and my woman agrees.
What I cook for supper should be up to me

Take my advice, friend: stay in the driver's seat
You give her an inch and you're doomed to defeat
Let her know you're the boss. Man can't live on his knees
Fold the baby's diapers any way that you please

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