(Love her in the day time)
(Love her in the night time)
Anytime we love's the right time

All night, all day, Marianne
Down by the seaside sifting sand
Even little children love Marianne
(Everybody love her)
Down by the seaside sifting sand

Marianne, oh, Marianne
Oh, won't you marry me
We can have a bamboo hut
And brandy in the tea

Leave your fat old mama home
She never will say yes
If mama don't know now
She can guess, oh, my, yes

When she walks along the shore
People pause to greet
White birds fly around her
Little fish come to her feet
(How delightful)

In her heart is love
But I'm the only mortal man
Who's allowed to kiss my Marianne
Don't rush me

When we marry, we will have
A time you never saw
I will be so happy
I will kiss my mother-in-law
(Ha ha ha ha)

Children by the dozen
In and out the bamboo hut
One for every palm tree
And coconut (hurry up now)

All night, all day
Marianne, Marianne

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