[Intro: Akon] + (T.I.)
When they tell you that you'll never get over (ha ha ha)
Just tell 'em they're number one (el capitn partner)
You're a champion (yeah, the Ali of my day, you know me)
Don't believe 'em when they try to say it's over!
(I can't hear ya, I'm way up here, what you say?)
Just tell 'em they're number one (it's over for who, numero uno partner)
You're a champion (ha ha ha, let's go Bust!)

[Busta Rhymes]
Now, there's, nothin you can do to stop a nigga from within with the hunger of a lion I secure another win (hey!)
So passionate, you might even misinterpret it as arrogant I'm goin in (hey!)
I'ma make the world feel my pain while I'm showin you my muscle and I hustle through the game
And even though they leave us in the hood like we ain't SHIT we ain't got nothin but EVERYTHING to gain
Look, even if a muh'fucker try to pop me I'm so BLESSED do anything that you could do to stop me (STOP ME)
Now I'm climbin up the ladder and I'm jumpin at the top you might wanna call me (ROCKY)
See there's more of us - UGLY, you don't really wanna war with us (TRUST ME)
So glorious, that we from the bottom still we victorious (HUG ME)

[Chorus: Akon] + (Busta Rhymes)
I see it in your eyes, it ain't hard to tell
They're watchin you (can't nobody ever stop what I'm doin)
They just tellin you lies, they want you to fail
They're plottin on you (and they can never stop my movement!)
Sooooo, don't believe 'em when they try to say it's over
(You know exactly what to tell 'em!)
Just tell 'em they're number one (number one)
You're a champion!

Hey, see the websites lyin tryin to block my shine don't you know you never will stop my grind?
In a drop-top flyin like I don't got time got e'rybody surprised that I won't drop dimes
What's on yo' mind? Best get me off it, at least quit lyin if you must keep talkin
Go on with the nonsense, best keep walkin. Boy how you sue us, send the lawyers to the office
A lot of y'all got sprung like that shawty, couple months off, I'll be right back shawty
With a brand new swag and a brand new .40 and a brand new ride, give a damn who saw it
Nation-wide news, nigga yeah you saw it shawty need a bodyguard for his bodyguard, don't he?
Tip fallin off sound kinda odd, don't it? Y'all hate to see me ball? Take it up with God homie


[Busta Rhymes]
Any situation where you might get FED UP, gotta stay focused, homie keep your head up
It don't really matter what the next one is doin homie gotta handle your business and then you better STEP UP
Live to the fullest for the dream you're pursuin ain't nothin in the work gon' really stop what you're doin (OHH!)
Go hard no matter what they be sayin nigga don't quit cause you know we gotta keep it movin (OHH!)
Take a look and see yourself in me cause it's all about we (WE)
Me and you securin a win together so we could be the best that we could ever be (OHH!)
Stay up on your grind, be the first one to SET IT. People try to shut me down, I won't LET IT
I'm so stubborn for the success you know my motto - don't stop, get it, get it!


Tell 'em they're number one {*repeat to fade*}

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