Sunshine you heal just as much as you hurt.
Regret in my veins and blood on my shirt.
I sure must have had myself a personal best.
It takes filling my lungs up with smoke to get things off my chest.

Crossing the border,
wasted again,
With her number on a Canadian ten.

Oh mother, oh mother why do you complain?
I grew up alright so don't be ashamed.
My mouth has been cleaner and I may have lost all my faith.
'Til I believe in myself I can't give my conscience away.

You're home with the dishes,
And I'm out with my friends,
Placing bets with a Canadian ten.

North of the border,
A sin is a sin,
When you pay with a Canadian Ten.

I searched for a reason to not search for you.
But I feel like there's no place I haven't been through.
I told myself don't fall in love when you don't know their name.
But my eyes are straight-wired to my heart and just bypass my brain.

Sometimes I'm forgetful,
So I'll start at the end,
And call the number on this Canadian ten.
And call the number on this Canadian ten.

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