Im tired, im bored, wheres the cocaine
Things dont get started 'til midnight in my brain
Called up marie, that had sex for free
I asked her to give back all my records and my jeans

I cant seem to, no matter how hard i try
To outdance the dancefloor

So everybody woke, telling the same joke
And singing the same chorus to a song
That hasnt even been wrote
Dont know how to lead, just follow along
There is no right or wrong way for certain
Make up your own version sing along

Lalala lalala

Whats it this week? perhaps a little game of poker?
And the import by the lets go out tonites!!!!!!!
Thats so over!
Gimme a razor, not to cut myself and talk about it
But to shave off your beard, your look better without it

Lions and wolves are the latest.. oh my
So 8 months ago... nice try

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