I can only keep this feeling for a minute
Can only stare at a polaroid so long
Before the chromofilm blurs and the smiles
On our faces are gone
I crossed a line 5 yrs in the making
That the biggest eraser can't clear
And I'm rewinding everytime
That I whispered that in your ear
As I laid on you
And your naked body
Looked just like I wanted it to
And I wanna be the inspiration
For your room going silent
I wanna feel you erupt
When I play your song
I wanna move you to tears when i say
"it's over.. goodnight"
And the rest of your life
I get mad at myself for not acting myself
I get jealous at the thought of you out
I don't want you to thinking that it's all that i'm
Thinking about
But goddamn I do
And everytime that I hear someone laugh,
It sounds just like you

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