You said it right, you did it wrong
That's why we never get along
I can't believe I let you in
If lies were money, boy you'd spend
You've got your reasons, I don't get them
But for you somehow it's cool
Your whole existence, inconsistent
With reality
So don't look at me
I just can't help it
You're ugly
I know you're rich, and tailor made
The combination wasn't great
It's like your mouth was in a race
But your flavor's lost taste
You only call me late at night
Yeah, you keep breaking all the rules
As if they don't apply to you
Yeah, you don't have a clue
So don't look at me
I just can't help it
You're ugly
You're just a pretty boy
With such a pretty voice
And all the stupid girls
Listen cause they have no choice(x2)
I see through all the static and the noise
Manipulating people and you treat 'em like toys
You're ugly, ugly, ugly
You're ugly, ugly, ugly
Stop trying to speak
Your lips are too crusty
So full of sh!t
I find you disgusting
Don't come to me
No one can help you
You're ugly... Gross

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