[Verse 1: Tom Gist]
I got problems, naw, I'm no flossin'
Notice in the lobby, there's no high raw
No jobs so I'm forced to be a nemisis
Notice on my door, them days lead to premisice
I can't be a straight dude
My girl said "There's something in the oven nigga, and it ain't food"
Sometimes I wanna slap her fuckin' lips off
Went to see my P.O. had to drop this off
I remember life was easy playin' kickball
Now I'm outcasted like Big Boi, playing with the big boys
And my day's straight horrible
Black boy slain, no need to read the article
I can't afford not to be selfish
Lookin' for a job is like lookin' for Elvis
Got my mind gone halfway
Today was a bad day

[Tom Gist:]
My nigga just got locked up again and shit
(Today was a bad day)
Grandma's gotta go back to the hospital
(Today was a bad day)

[Verse 2: Tom Gist]
All I got is my word, a pad and a pen
Hey, them jokes ain't funny today
Hey, old folks say son just pray
Hey, so I can be broke, old, and gray, nay
Barely made it through last night
I spent my last on a oil change and there goes the gas, light
Damn dude the streets is sour
Even papi in a problem now, there's no more powder
Death might be my best bet
I'm wildin', throw some beats on in my headset
Rob called like "Waddup, duke"
"Same shit, yeah, this day was fucked up too"
Startin' to feel hungry, lookin' at my watch
'Bout to test my credit at the Chinese spot
Stay strong is what my dad say
(I hear you talkin' pops)
Today was a bad day

[Tom Gist:]
Fuckin' label told me I'm not what they lookin' for and shit man
(Today was a bad day)
Lil' cousin hit me talkin' 'bout she pregnant, she 15 man
(Today was a bad day)

[Verse 3: Cam'ron]
Bacon, pig feet, all haul (chitlins)
Fall, small, feelin' like O-Dog
The F.B.I. got Shiest (Not Bub)
Zeke got knocked right, and I almost got life
And his bail was a hot price, not nice
Y'all shot dice, I got shot twice
And the feds heard my murder raps
Said my name was Killa, they put me on a murder rap
And they know it's absurd to rat
They ask me anyway
Nope, I never heard of that
My wifey going psycho
Sais she need the green, not the gecko from Geico
Mess with' her, not the hottest chance
Told me write her some letters, only we out of stamps
Stood back in my mack stance, lack dance
Fine luxury, give him a lap dance
Left the crib and I'm posting
Squalie pulled me over, scoping
What's the commotion
Two people got killed in Harlem
Word to say today was a bad day

Today was a bad day
Today was a bad day
Today was a bad day
Today was a bad day

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