Dipset all day
Yo uh cash in his sweat socks
Check his sweat pocks
Got a knot in there the size of an xbox
Ya'll cats bet not
Head shot red dot
Ya chicks are betty and wilma hear me make they bed rock
Get em girl my hat black and italian wifey
Rocks all colors brother my italian icey
I say get em girls a diomonds outta dimonod mind
I don't even like to rhyme love but love this life of mine
Glair at the gems
Yes stair little friend
Take I good look cause I swear I won't wear em again
These are ones I wear earings a once I pair
One time for one time dam look how once iv stair
Space in baltimore place the order replace the quater ya'll
The fiends are chasin waterfalls
Heres a o of somethin
Bro your so disgustin
Yes your older buzzin number one no discussion
And you know I'm stuntin I got it all coke dope crack zysurp robetusin
The blambama with santana leave cam alone before this man jam scram ya dam camera phone
Bout to introduce his ass to the hammer phone smash nah smile holmes dial tone flat line
Gun in his mouth call that the chat line bought my dudes watches that's how we past time
I let the hammer spray
Them cats ran away
You wanna join us and listen while santana say
Ayo cam I got a body in the trunk why
Ain't no joke poppin the slumps
And I'm cocky with pump and the shotty comacazi body after body chump
Ya'll probably gettin jump
I'm in the lobby gettin drunk and the whip could yuse a foul order
Dial sober
Papi called drought over
Old twenty eight old school I top mine cope mine the block fine yatzi yat time
I prolly remoli ask mami is sherry could
Come to the crib I live I holly berry hood
Floors marble catmis cherry wood
Dishes gemstar in other words very good
Speaking of good I'm good with the semi blow wood with the heni in the hood like a hemi homie
You to fiminit took over two teniments with
Cookies in cake to brand new intemit
We truly gentlemen since I had the grey goose now we mix grey goose with sizurp
Cause the cake mix ten homes eight whips but the eight whips I'm bout to trade for a space ship
Call me nasa man inside plasma fam
I got a worrant I'm in orbit come after cam
You gotta indore it I explore it
Just like dora take the order gift wrap it borabora
Dipset you know what it is

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