Waddup Midwest
They forgot about the 4th coast, it aint nuttin though
What up Arkansas, Minnesota, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri
Everybody in the Lou

Verse 1:
Thinkin' 'bout Guy Fisher
Never met him, but goddamn that's my nigga
I figure real estate, invested pie flipper
Never snitch, me I'm in a bathrobe, fly slippers
Left Chicago with good money for 5 drops
West Side, did the South Side like the White Sox
Vampoo and Pulaski, K-Town is Contra
They'll dearly depart ya in front of MacArthur's
I'm the author for gangstas, tough guys
Did the whole Ohio, but I started off a Buckeye
Columbus to 'Natti, them towns I raped 'em
Few clowns was hatin', moved my pounds to Dayton
And in Akron, my niggaz they would grow things
Not King James, these were coke kings
And he actin' grown, doggy you ain't back at home
The smack, it's on, wrapped in chrome
You better get a chaperone

If you know like I know, you should lie low
Killa, I used to get it in Ohio
Don't forget the Chi though, guns are like a pyro
You keep playin' you will look like a gyro

Verse 2:
Yo, go 'head and hate me hater, cuz I'm flyer than a aviator
Well you'll get smacked with the radiator
And I get K to play ya, wanna talk?, maybe later
Told her, her time was up, 88 her, Flavor Flaved her
Need ya neck choked, rather your neck broke
Ya dead broke, yet folks the jewels are like egg yolk
And you'll get yolked up, switch blade, poked up
Bitch-made since 6th grade, he need his rope cut
Cowboy roped up, y'all boys sold what?
You know what, the dope, crack, and coke is in the coat tucked
Roll up, hold up, family, this a hold up
Get close up, soaked up, I'm KG, post up
Hoe, slut, no love, turn beef to cold cuts
Family gettin' bread, well he about to get his loaf cut
Y'all doped up, this game is sewed up
Malcolm X, tell the white bitch yo, I want my toes sucked


Verse 3:
I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6
My 12 12, well, they carried my bricks
And them 12 12s, fiends they're married to sniff
And the V12, that's on various strips
Y'all make a brotha laugh, me I took another bath
Come into my habitat
Hover crafts, bubble baths, duffle bags stuffed with cash
Fell in love with math
I got the green Benz, rag raised, mustard Jag
White coke, tan dope, black gun, Tre-Duece
Silver bullets, purple piff, blue pills, Grey Goose
Pull out the ra-ta-tat, duck duck, say "Goose"
Beige Coupe, suede roofs, send him off to Jesus
H-deuce, yeah yeah, piss off the state troops
See me, then they don't, I disappear, say poof
Play Zeus, homeboy get a replaced tooth
Not Pac, mean dust, when a nigga say juice
Killa, Killa


You know what it is nigga

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