Alexander Wang, or maybe Helmut Lang
Givenchy, Phillip Lim that's just to name some names
You with me or you with him, cause I don't play those games
You were me and you were him cause I don't play them games
For you I'd let that money fly, call it paper planes
Velvet bowtie and blazer with a pair of shades
Talk slicker than Rick, fresher than Dana Dane
I love rugby to death, made that my baby's name
Cancel a chick over champagne like Flava Flav
Your time's up, honey don't mind us
I'm just trying to be a member like where I sign up?
Please straight dime, her swag was the finest
So bad I write for her like Killa sign her
Yes my favourite queen, back block, back shots make her scream like
Shh don't make a scene, Jag drop, [?] top, I'm a fiend like

She had me like, I had her like
Came through in it, she said
Jordans on, Ralph Lauren on
I'm forcing on, nahh
I'm like ma come so we can just
Calling me calling me
[?] yeah remembering
Gwendeline, Sophie, Madeline, Kim, and them
To all your friends with dough, she kept some M&Ms
Michelle and Tiff stay fly, about ten of them
[?], Levis, my girl had the knee-highs
Word buzzing had it buzzing like a beehive
Fast forward, tall guy please drive three cribs, three states
At each one three rides
Hard luck to get washed up
Don't need [?]
A rachet for the young boy so old heads I need five

Her Blackberry, the colour of strawberries
My Prada's were blueberries, [?]
Listen boo them dudes silly like Mark Carry
Girl don't miss the boat so ma hurry up
I was bugging her now I'm telling her
Them dudes can't see me like the governor
I'm drugging her, like my credit card [?] discovered her
No wonder b she under me just like the muffler
Pillow case muffle her while I'm up in her
Took it off she was like
Now I don't fuck with her
Nah [?] what's up with her
Every time I get up with her, can't lie
Miss Pretty, call you Miss Kitty
Findi strapped flash Daisy Dukes be Miss Sixties
For Christmas she the type to M6 me
Stick shift me, income tax, yes we flip quickly

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