Don't do that when you're all alone
I couldn't pay you to take you home
I'm gonna press your ears on the light
And later I'll leave the way you go
Hey, that cow is moaning alone
Are you sure that I can call me - bleat!
Wanted to try a proposal road
Nobody comes when you won't be blowed
Are you cool now, now they say
Want you alone, how are you going home
Which one is you, you liar
Want your head alone
Want your time, give you help, you're so lonely
Hey, you know that I hypnotise.
Hey, did you want that to really bomb
No I do not, no, no, hey, hey
Nobody I knew had that tone
Nobody I knew sounded so proud
You should have known, you always should
Finish your tea
You take a dollar and you're gonna blow
You should have said it - I'm feeling unwell
Nobody saw, I keep to your ways
The heat is small in your peculiar life
I said you babe
You're moaning alone
I only want a cigarette - to make me cry and moan
You just admit it - you're all alone
Nobody's taking us off the 'phone
You're just alone and I've got you
Alone at night and when you talk
I want you alone
You piss off and it looks bad
You're lying alone and it isn't the boy either
Keep that talk empty, like you
Eyes stare - pinch ...