Well it is a steep mountain to climb
And it is a deep river to cross
The road is rocky and rough
So I can't afford for my soul to lost

And I cannot take this no longer
And I cannot bear this no more
Tired to see my sisters and brothers
Convicted and ignored

So I got to fetch the righteous key
And I got to open sesame
And I got to set the captive free
And I got to hail His majesty
And I got to emancipate myself from mental slavery

The bingi man will never get weary
The rasta man will never grow old
That's why the half has never been told
But the bingi man
come fi clean up dem soul
the bingi man will never get weary
the rasta man will have his reward

but Jah Jah bless I with the strength
and the comfort of His love
so long the liar bring this out
and you no read between the lines
then oonu woulda see what the rastaman find
the truth and the love that is so divine
unity, strength and we have fi combine
this is a collective mission
everyone have to join
any means necessary
a method we have to find
to stop all the war, poverty and crime
politricks and religion we have fi lef that behind
can't go a Zion with no carnal mind
look how we a warn dem time after time
be your brother's keeper and you sister same time
remember that you mother and you father is divine
to righteousness you must always incline
oonu see Jah sign


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