Betty Grable:
Did you get your invitation to that big affair?
Say! You've gotta be there

John Payne:
Hey, you've gotta be there
Every dig, dig, dignitary appearing knows the time is near

(B.G.) And representatives from every nation
In the Western hemisphere will certainly appear

(J.P.) How would you like to go
To say hello to your neighbors?
Let's go to that Panamericana Jubilee!

(B.G.) Come on and drink a toast
And get close to your neighbors
Let's got to that Panamericana Jubilee
You're gonna see the way those Latins
Like to jitter bug

(J.P.) Like to cut a rug

(B.G.) Like a Yankee doodle dandy
Like to do a rhumba

(J.P.) And a samba!
It's goin down in history as a jump in fiesta

(B.G.) Bring your chum along and come along with me
To the Panamericana Jubilee!

(Choir) Play the game and that's the rumba just for amigo
And then a Fiesta Panamericana
Would you wanna be in this kind of music and fiesta?
And then a Fiesta Panamericana
You'll go to see the gringos
And bite your jitterbug
Play like it's gonna run
Like the Yankee doodle dandy
Like do a rhumba and samba

(Carmen Miranda):
Leve consigo um pouquinho de samba,
De sangre, de milonga
Let's go to the Panamericana Jubilee
Depois se faz uma mistura de rumba
Com um pouquinho de conga
Bring your chum along and come along with me

(Choir) Go get that alligator from me, waiter!

(C.M.) I'm a jitterbug

(Cesar Romero) When you get the roach

(C.M.) I can get the roaches
Like the Yankee do their dandy

Bring your chum along and come along with me
Come along and then a Panamericana Jubilee!

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