Can you hear me operator
I've just got to make this call
I'm on the 3:15 to Pittsburgh
And I can't get through at all

His name is Armando Rosales
You've got to get him on the line
I got his number in my pocket
Fleetwood 6-4239

She'll never know how it feels to wait
Words please come back
Don't leave me this way

In that place
Where we lived
Good and bad
We'd forgive
If the tears start to fall
They’d come down once and for all
For two hearts
For two hearts

I know I'm so impatient
But he's the one that I adore
And now I'm hearing this conductor
Screaming "Lady, all aboard"

I know I'm running out of seconds
And I'm running out of dimes
I'm a damsel who feels helpless
And it's playing with my mind

Please, can you find him, I feel so lost
He's still the only one I want


'Baby do love me" STOP
"You know me, when I blow my top"
"There's nobody else but me for you so STOP
"Wait for me”


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