Last night I dreamt you very near
Though the night was dark beyond the glass.
I knew you'd left before I woke
But you'd fogged the window when you passed.
The air was still and smelled like rain,
Though I'd never known so dry a spell.
And what I heard there in the dark,
Are the secrets I will never tell?
Chorus: There is a tree beyond the world.
In it's ancient roots a song is curled.
I'm the fool whose life's been spent.
Between what's said and what is meant.
I didn't mean what went so wrong.
Some things I wish I didn't know.
I've always lived inside my head.
And often utterly alone
I will be a pillow for your head.
You can make me promises you can't keep.
And I'll believe each word you've said.
And hum to you while you sleep.
You took me by my shaking hand,
Laughed at me and closed the door,
Put your hands to my waist,
And waltzed rue round the kitchen floor.
So I will wander without fail
In circles that grow ever wide
The sky expands and then exhales
With an ache that never subsides

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