To sow seeds in barren
When there's no more
fertile ground
To bear the fragile
worlds within
Through the ruined one
that surrounds
Break the shackles of
my past
Give me precious
things that do not last
(and succor for the
homeless ones
bring fire down on
And destroy
Lift me up
Bring it down
And we may suffer
And we must die
And we may suffer
And we may die
Come weary child:
You've touched the
stars but you did not move them
Now it's time to cut
out your heart
And be a god in the
kingdom of the dead
Or to raise your face
And make them move.
And we may suffer
And you may die
Yes, you will
And you're going to
So sing now:
I'll be your eyes if
you won't see,
I'll be your heart if
you can't feel
Now we'll see who
burns the brightest
The brightest of them
all Send me their sons
and prodigal daughters
Render up to me
their lost and stray
Give lust and life
to our dances, flight to our fancies
Give me courage for
my passions and my pain
And this will be my
art: to feel alive
Break my heart
Sell my body or my
Spite their laws
Fight the odds
Smite the gods
Starve myself
Freeze myself
Burn myself
Kill myself
Kill myself
To feel... Nail me to you
I will ride you
like a nightmare
I will drive you
past all love or pain or fear
I will escort you
to the end
Take me inside you
I'll be the master
in your mirror
I will drive you
until everything else disappears
I'll be with you to
the end Everything you want
to feel
Everything you want
to taste

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