(He survived, but
his destiny burned off in the blast
Disillusion tore
off his wings, and when he stepped outside
Into childhood's
end, and the moon was so bright
It looked like a
white hole punched through the cape of night
But from that
moment forth a moon was just a moon and a star was just a star
And nothing more...
And the morning came,
and the sun did rise
But he was trapped in
the corridors where it spent the night
And he could not, or
he would not hear our cries -- ) So take everything,
break everything, fake everything, fuck everything
It's all nothing if
you want, but that's not what I want
I'd give anything to
see you feel again once more
Stand alone
Beside you
Listening for a sign
of life from inside of you
Suffering some gift of
Pursuing, hunting you
Yes, life is sour when
you hit the ground
Moments wasted, loves
gone foul
However sweet the
fruit, the prickly skin, the bitter core
And nausea for desert
So fuck everything,
take everything, fake everything, break everything
When you've been
broken, when you've brought low
You want to smash
everything, those who still care most of all
And I can see the
witches, burning in your eyes
But they're not the
ones who sold you these lies
We're not the ones who
bound your hands and turned the spears in your side May the kings all
drown in the blood of their conquests
And the flags all
die at the tops of their poles
May the gluttons be
impaled upon the ribs of the starving
And the priests all
sell their souls
May the dreamers
all awaken in a world that is empty
May the lovers
betray and be betrayed
May the poets all
choke on their own sweet lies
And all bow before
their fates
May the seekers
wander lost through the valleys and the deserts
And lay down to
sleep upon stones
May the sick
flourish and the healthy be afflicted
And may rats fight
over the bones
May hate rule
pitilessly over a world of the damned
Where the rivers
cease to run
Let the sun set
forever on this broken heartland
Let the kingdom
come (Bring me hearts -
I'll break them
Give me poisons - I'll
take them
If I could
If I could
Trade this ache
For indifference
All fucked up
With bitterness
All fucked up) Yeah take everything,
fake everything, break everything, fuck everything
Heart as black as the
One the day that will
come when it never ever rises again
And where do you go
when you've lose your way
Inside, and everywhere
you turn it's all the same
Where do you go when
there's nowhere to go
You froze in your
tracks, something broke and you
Gave up
And it makes me want
to cry
An ocean of tears to
flow through these filthy streets
Stained with so many
Of smothered hopes and
desires denied
The faceless masses,
To drown all we are,
all we've ever been
Better cease to exist
than to endure like this
And set you free
You and all your kind
To be free in death if
not in life
But the rest is
secrets, silence now
If night has fallen,
sleep well
The rest is
silence, secrets now
If night has
fallen, sleep well
Sleep well

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