Diary I kept on days of
Fiery love was a kind of
Donory thing after my

Really my illness cause was
Loneliness. Since I met my
Fairy I didn't have to

Happily I wrote about my
Wintry past left behind and
Fondly assurance... to live's

No need I felt to feed a
Greed for sadness. And
Indeed it helped to sow the
Lucky seed

Excelsior! I fly higher! I love her!
I do adore her more and more!
Excelsior! I fly higher! Yes, I am her's!
I really love her more and more!

Early it was made start on
Folly which lied in it. And
Blindly I went ahead, lived

And deed to change the course
Was a feat. The right way's chosen
Me to lead and melancholy
To forbid

Really my illness cause was
Loneliness. Harry to be
Free of chains, become a

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