Anoint my head, Anoint my feet
send your angels raining down
here on the battleground
For your glory
we're taking territory
fighting unseen enemies like never before
we're waging war

I'm tired of principalities messin with me
I'm tired of the devil stealin from me
I promise that he won't get one more thing
I'm takin it back
I'm takin territory
I'm ready for the battle
I'm ready to win
A weapon of power
he lives within
I can't be defeated
the enemy's gotta flee
I'm takin it back
I'm takin territory
Going into battle [3x]

Be my sword
Be my shield
As we claim the victory
Over the enemy
In your name
You rule and rain
Never being defeat
We're waging war


Send your fire [2x]

Fire by night, cloud by day
a strong tower
send the latter rain
lion of Judah
Lord God mighty in battle
Since you did it back then
we know you'll do it again

So we're waging war


We're waging [2x]
We're waging war
Waging War

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