It's not a question of why and if she'll make it
It's more a question of when and how she'll take it
standing out there alone completely naked
another secret's been kept and left her tainted

there's nothing more she can do to make them change it
She does the best that she can to rearrange it
there's still the question of how she's grown so tainted
a tattered canvas unfurls, watch as they paint it

she fought them bravely until defenses caved in
Pressing their teeth to her neck until she gave in
Now there's no question this girl is well acquainted
With suffering in a world that's left her tainted

Slowly fading and decaying
Please ignore what they're saying

She's at the edge of the world
She's there standing alone
She's the loneliest girl
And now She finally feels like she's coming home

She's just done what she's been told
Her heart is turning to stone
Here at the end of this girl
This Time She finally feels like she's coming home

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