Never Be Clever
Going down the line, my head up high
Wonder why it´s so hard to feel fine
Got all I need
Plastic teeth
A pocket full of speed
And I´m cool with the heat
I got a groovy little lady
Seems I´m waisting het time
Got a hit and a bullet
Still back in crime

People say I used to do better
Si I guess I´m gonna have to get myself together

But I´ll never
Ooh aah aah
I´ll never be clever
I´ll never be clever
Ooh aah aah
I´ll never be clever

Some say I´m suicidal
With a sense of humour
Some say I´m faking it all
Trying to start rumours
Some people say a moment lasts longer
I find myself at home
Settled down, write a song
I´ll love to hang around
In black people´s places
Fascinated staring at faces
Holy mama, make me concentrate
Got to write a song
And I got to create

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