I`m wakin` up in the same old way
But I can`t shake me out of the dream
Every time that I close my eyes
I see her face
Like a star on a TV screen
They all keep askin`
Where you been after dark
I say
That kinda girl
She grows on a heart
And I know
It doesn`t come any better

That girl
She makes me sing
She gives me things that only love can bring
That girl
She makes me sing

If you think
I`m losin` my cool
That`s true
But I betcha`d do the same
If you felt the flame
Of her fire
She likes to make you
Crazy with love
And I let her
I know it doesn`t come any better

I watch the guys
I see their eyes
I see their eyes as she walks by
She knows she`s fine
I know she`s mine
C-c-cuz she digs me

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