She's callin my hands free on
Talkin bout gettin her creep on
No ya don't turn me on
Misses poof pow be gone
If you got hatred on your mind
I'm not the nigga ta speak on
I'm as throwed as the pig skin
In the e.n.d zone
I'm lookin for a faithful
Yellow bone to cheat on
Latex when we bone
Thow up 4 I cheat on em
Yella bellies I skeet on em
Better watch your t jones
Cause after the divorce
I'm moving into the home
I'm bout to be a stepfather
Me and lil flip, flip harder
Than a hyperactive actor
Back in house like vince carter
8 ball plus 8 ballas
Yes koopa pimp harder
Mr. jackson don't like me
Caught me kissing his daughter
Dammit janet we the thowdest
Motherfroers on the planet
Not enough room don't panic
I'll pull up and expand it
S.u.v, s.u.c paint wet as the atlantic
Love nuts like a mechanic if you don't like it then sue me
Lil zane tryna sue me cause he's not in my movie
He showed me his tooley
I introduced my uzi
Just cause everybody else does I don't like gucci
I know they don't either watch cartoons like oovie
I know they don't like goofy groupies with tight coochie
I'm bout to hit a jetson
I ain't talking bout judy
Hit the words that ya be satyin
I know that I keep the steel
Not a slut but I'm a kill a
I know they gon see me with 2 twins in a trio
Shoutout to the flows pardon it's all for a deal
Whut it dew to travis (scratches out)

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